Delivery Models WG Session


What is this WG about (10 min)

  • Factors affecting the sustainability of small wind turbines (SWTs) and how to deal with them.
  • Two-fold view on sustainability:

o   continuity/existence of the SWT system

o   planetary sustainability

  • The Delivery Model (DM) concept

What has been done in the WG – summary (10 min)

  • Short presentation of DM WG kick-starter project (Katerina or Guillermo) (5 min)
  • A classification of delivery models – three delivery model archetypes (Guillermo) (5 min)

Delivery models employed by WE member organizations (40 minutes)

Delivery models that different WE organizations adopt:

  • DM of WindAid (Nick) (10 min)
  • DM of 500RPM (Guillermo) (10 min)
  • DM of Scoraig community (Jon) (10 min)
  • Dynamic Delivery Model map (Wanda) (10 min)

Impact of SWTs on global/local sustainability (20 min)

  • Life cycle assessment of DIY small wind turbines (Larissa) (10 min)
  • Sustainability assessment of locally manufactured SWTs (Katerina) (10 min)

Discussion (30 minutes)

  • Comments and questions
  • Next steps for the WG
    • What knowledge and tools are needed in the field?
    • People working on relevant issues?
    • How can we communicate and collaborate better?
    • How can we better work with the Market Assessment WG?
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