Technology Working Group

The technology working group develops technological innovations related to small wind systems.



The technology working group is composed of a decentralized group of specialists which develop and improve upon technology issues facing the WindEmpowerment membership.
  • Blades : Building the better blade. Techniques with wood, experiences with fiberglass and 3D.
  • Charge controller : Designs for a simple analog DC charge controller. Plus discussions and information on building a digital, more advanced charge controller and a charge controller for grid tied applications.
  • Power converters : Work in progress on a DC to DC charge controller
  • Direct water pumping: Testing and experiences with direct pumping using a small wind turbine and solar. Tests and improvements
  • Towers : Building a free standing 18m lattice tower, which can be raised and lowered. Guy wired tower designs
  • Electrical systems : Cable losses, designing on and off grid sites.
  • Bigger turbines : Designing a 5m turbine.
  • Additional resources : Lightning, generators, batteries.
If you want to engage with our group, feel free to participate in the technology group forum.
If you have any questions or ideas for the technology working group, send an email to the work group coordinator:
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